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Therapist infertility postpartum support

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

Sofa Sessions specializes in parental mental health. I'm passionate about supporting aspiring parents, expectant parents, new parents, and not-so-new parents on the journey to and through parenthood.

About Me

With over a decade of experience supporting women and families, I believe wholeheartedly in the value of therapy and every client’s ability to experience positive change. 

My style is warm, genuine, person-centered and flexible.

Therapist infertility pregnancy pospartum women's mental health

Areas of Interest


Managing the Emotional Roller Coaster


Clarifying Options


Decision Making


Handling Anxiety

Unexpected Challenges

Planning for Birth


Adjusting to Motherhood

Physical and Emotional Changes


Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Birth Trauma

Processing the Unexpected

Validating Feelings

Support for Birth Partners


Handling Stress

Navigating New Roles

Rediscovering Connection

Grief and Loss

Repeat Negatives

Failed ART Cycles

Pregnancy Loss or Termination

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